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K-pop dances by MBLAQ

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OMG!!!! Jaejoong and I share the same birthday!!!!

OMG!!!! Jaejoong and I share the same birthday!!!!

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The story of TOP & “persimmon” G-Dragon. Back in 2008, when GD asked TOP what the difference was between soft and flat persimmons, TOP told him it was the difference between G-Dragon and Kwon Jiyong, and Taeyang adds that GD got TOP’s meaning right away. (A soft persimmon should only be eaten when ripe otherwise it’s too bitter; it’s usually cooked/baked. This is the “G-Dragon”-type. A flat persimmon is edible whether hard (unripe) or soft (ripe) so it’s always palatable; it can be eaten raw. This is the “Kwon Jiyong”-type.) Four years later, GD raps in CRAYON: “For those who’ve lost their senses, I’m a persimmon tree.” (In Korean, he is using wordplay with the similar words ‘senses’ & ‘persimmon’; he’s saying “I’m a persimmon/’sense’ tree” ie. he has good sense.) In the MV, during this part of the song, he sits under a persimmon tree and bites into a flat “Kwon Jiyong”-type persimmon. :)

Whoa!!! I LOVE GD!!!!

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2PM’s 4th anniversary challenge
d-14: shirtless  ʘ‿e



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